AEGIS 1st Plenary Meeting @Milano

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The 2nd plenary meeting of the AEGIS Project took place in Milano, Italy on May 3rd-4th, 2017 hosted in the GFT premises. The main objectives of the meeting were:

  • To consolidate the AEGIS big data value chain and brainstorm on the AEGIS scenarios.
  • To discuss the core platform architecture and the demonstrators’ requirements.
  • To monitor the progress in the project over the past months.
  • To set the action plan for the future work in the project.
AEGIS Project Team in Milano
AEGIS Project Team in Milano


In brief, during the first day, the 3 AEGIS demonstrators were outlined, leading to extensive discussions on the scenarios to be enabled through AEGIS, on the required data sources and their availability, as well as on the constraints and requirements that can be identified at the initial phases of the project implementation. A brainstorming session on the AEGIS methodology followed in order for all partners to share their vision and perspectives on the AEGIS data value chain, the functionalities to be enabled in the AEGIS core platform and the AEGIS unique selling points.

The second day started with early discussions on the AEGIS platform architecture along the open source tools that can be reused and / or extended as basis of the architecture. The AEGIS requirements elicitation activities were outlined planning the next steps for all partners. Dissemination and communication activities as well as exploitation and business planning activities were finally put into the table in order to check the current status and discuss the envisaged next steps.

AEGIS Project Consortium in action in Milano
AEGIS Project Consortium in action in Milano



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