AEGIS Kick-off Meeting @Berlin

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The AEGIS Kick-off Meeting took place in Berlin on January 12th-13th, 2017, hosted in the Fraunhofer FOKUS premises.The main objectives of the meeting included:

  • To exchange perspectives and reach a common understanding of the project objectives
  • To provide an overview of the work that needs to be undertaken
  • To determine the key priorities and set the action plan for the first months of the project implementation

aegis consortium
AEGIS Project Consortium during the kick-off meeting


During the 1st day, a round table introduction was conducted, providing the opportunity to each partner to explain their core expertise, their role and their expectations from the AEGIS project. The overview of the AEGIS project initiated the discussion on the technical and innovation challenges to be addressed, as well as the measurable outcomes and KPIs that need to be met in accordance with the project’s Description of Action (DoA). The project management, internal communication and accounting activities were also presented in detail in order to nominate the partners’ members in the Project Management Board and the WP leaders. Upon an overview of the AEGIS Data Value Chain and the methodology building activities, the AEGIS demonstrators were outlined explaining their objectives, core data sets and expectations from the AEGIS project.

During the 2nd day, the remaining Work Packages were introduced by their respective WP leaders. The WP objectives, structure and tasks, as well as the expected outcomes, were briefly outlined opening up a discussion on the work plan and its associated responsibilities.


aegis kickoff meeting
AEGIS Project Discussions in action

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