AEGIS aims at driving data-driven innovation that expands over multiple business sectors (e.g. public, environment, health, automotive, insurance, etc.) and taps structured, unstructured and multilingual data sets to create a novel data value chain around Public Safety and Personal Security (PSPS).

AEGIS offers novel services and applications that allow PSPS-related industries to generate: (a) more factual and evidence-based analytics, (b) improved decision support models, and (c) new business services focused on real-time data collaboration, knowledge sharing and notifications amongst the key stakeholders. Through the AEGIS Platform, the PSPS Data Value Chain Analysis is conducted at multiple levels including: (I) Data Privacy Enhancement, (II) Data Pre-Processing, (III) Big Data Analysis, (IV) Data Intelligence Sharing.

Although open data sources are leveraged toward enhanced PSPS services provision, the AEGIS data ecosystem is based on a trusted multi-level network, enabling proprietary and also private data sharing and seamless integration functionalities in a secure environment under clear terms.

AEGIS Platform
AEGIS Platform


In summary, AEGIS builds on:

  • The latest advancements in the Linked / Big Data landscape to deliver a framework for semantically enriching and interlinking data.
  • The concept of micro-services for enabling a modular and scalable big data architecture that facilitates the continuous integration of data from various sectors / formats / languages.
  • The power of the blockchain technology to safeguard security, privacy, quality and IPRs of the data to be utilized.