The AEGIS platform will facilitate and accelerate provision of applications and services in a number of sectors that can contribute to, and can offer services for Public Safety and Personal Security. For the evaluation of the project, the AEGIS consortium will set up 3 different demonstrators:

Demonstrator 1 – Automotive and Road Safety Data

AEGIS will explore how vehicle lifecycle data and road safety data could be meshed and modelled, semantically annotated and aggregated in order to extract meaningful information. Beneficiaries (e.g. road planners, car manufacturers, and road construction authorities among others) will be able to enhance their business value by: (1) using the AEGIS platform to create a more mature driver safety model (assessing vehicle lifecycle data and mashing up with data from other sources including e.g. weather, maps, traffic statistics), and (2) providing/publishing own datasets on vehicle lifecycle data on the platform for others to use in their business scenarios.

Automotive Demonstrator

Demonstrator 2 – Smart Home and Assisted Living

In order to achieve advanced monitoring and assisted living management, AEGIS will leverage a slew of data coming from different sources for improving everyday lives and enhancing the well-being of elderly people. AEGIS will implement a bundle of services and applications addressing the needs of both elderly people and social care services that indicatively enhance elderly’s cognition and strengthen their personal security, health and well-being through the delivery of personalised notifications, guidance and ambience (smart home).

AEGIS AAL Demonstrator
AEGIS AAL Demonstrator (Source: HYPERTECH)


Demonstrator 3 – Insurance Sector Fraud Detection and Prevention

AEGIS will provide a unique interface to access and analyze information coming from diverse and heterogeneous data sources and be combined with the in-house big data platform developed by an insurance company. AEGIS will work towards: (a) enhancing fraud prevention capabilities for insurance companies, and (b) delivering personalized intelligence for preventing specific catastrophic incidents related to people lives/assets through early warning notifications to be diffused by the insurance company.