Scientific and Innovation objectives

  • To identify and semantically link diverse cross-sector and multi-lingual information sources contributing to the generation of a trustful data sharing value chain around Pubic Safety
  • To supply a scientifically rigorous methodology for data handling micro-services that compose a novel Big Data Architecture allowing constant expansion

Technical objectives

  • To roll-out improved intelligence conveying cross-sector and multi-lingual tools, turning the Big Data 4Vs (Volume, Variety, Veracity, Velocity) into Value
  • To deliver an open, secure, privacy-respectful, configurable, scalable cloud based Big Data infrastructure as a Service benefiting all actors in the value chain

Business objectives

  • To validate and optimize the AEGIS platform through a set of long-lasting (>15months) demonstrators in three (3) different sectors
  • To introduce new Business Models and Data-driven Shared Economy principles in different business sectors through the offering of AEGIS as-a-Service
  • To establish an Open Innovation Community supporting real-life demonstration applications and expanding the usage of the AEGIS platform to all stakeholders affected