Pilot Plans & Execution Scenarios of the Insurance Demonstrator

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Pilot Plans & Execution Scenarios of the Insurance Demonstrator

The AEGIS project is an opportunity for HDI to better exploit “the Big Data related world” being part of a building up innovative processes and evaluating the AEGIS platform. On the other hand, with AEGIS, HDI will develop a Mobile App to communicate with their customers and alert and/or support them in case of danger. The AEGIS Big Data analytics will allow the HDI to improve its operational efficiency, with the analysis of growing volumes of structured and unstructured data from both internal and external data sources. The HDI Data Scientists working with the AEGIS Platform will be able to create detailed reports for various needs of the company including customer support, personalized offers, business plan, marketing strategy, and pricing strategy.

The insurance demonstrator will be implemented by HDI and GFT and developed in three different scenarios, personalized early warning services for asset protection, financial impact, customer support and services, marketing strategy and pricing support services.

Each service is broken down to three scenarios, corresponding to the early, medium and advanced stages of the demonstrator and evaluation process. The required functionalities for the early demonstrator version are provided in the table below.

ID Scenario Functionalities Demonstrator Version
1 Personalized early warning services for asset protection
  • Create Project
  • Uploading in-house dataset
  • Event Detection tool configuration and training
  • Event Detection notification
  • Identification of the possibly involved customers
  • Priority list (report) sharing and Personalized offer


To learn more about this demonstrator, visit its dedicated webpage 

Blog post authors: GFT & HDI