Results from Automotive Demonstrator presented at ECIS 2018 Conference

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To disseminate results from the AEGIS project related to the automotive demonstrator, a scientific paper entitled “A Research Agenda for Vehicle Information Systems”[1]has been submitted to and finally been accepted for presentation by the highly ranked European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2018).

The paper underpins the relevance of the AEGIS big data platform for automotive data science by investigating the ongoing digitalization within the automotive domain as an important driver of service and business innovation. Thereby “vehicle information systems” (Vehicle IS) emerge as a new class of information systems enabled through the data modern vehicles generate by a plethora of different sensors. This data can be meshed up with data from a variety of different other data sources, e.g. by using the AEGIS platform.

Expecting the awareness on and the needs for Vehicle IS to steadily increase in the future – as a result of the continuing provision of driver assistance systems towards fully automation of passenger vehicles – an existing gap has been explored in the research published by the academic IS community. As a result, the paper provides a definition of the term ‘vehicle information system’ and then gives an overview of relevant future research directions with a set of example research questions important for the academic IS community to advance the state-of-the-art in designing Vehicle IS.

Figure 1: Characterizing research directions for vehicle IS (Kaiser et al., 2018)

Christian Kaiser has presented these results as both, a poster and a talk. Christian’s topic has drawn attention on social media. Information on Christians’ poster presentation was for instance shared on Twitter by members of the AEGIS project team, by conference visitors, and by the official ECIS2018 account.



In addition. Christian’s poster highlighted two different approaches from two European research projects to create services based on vehicle data, from AEGIS (Big Data Platform)and SCOTT (dockerized, small scale and flexible approach).



Kaiser, Christian; Stocker, Alexander; Festl, Andreas; Lechner, Gernot; and Fellmann, Michael, “A Research Agenda for Vehicle Information Systems” (2018). Research-in-Progress Papers. 33.